About Us

After many years as a fashion agency software user, we are now able to offer an innovative and modern version.

Giulia is a constantly evolving platform that allows you to manage your work in a simple and more productive way.

After years of work in this sector (as a booker, scouter and agency owners) we wanted to create a platform that would help in everyday work thanks to a workflow that was immediately simple and intuitive.

Our motto is never more than 3 clicks for an action.

Giulia believes in data.
Polanyi’s paradox is defined as: “we know more than we can say”.
To overcome this paradox we have created in the marketing analytics section a simple indicator called efficiency rate that will help agencies make the right decisions to grow their business by increasing earnings and reducing costs.
A lot of quality at a fair price because we believe in yours and in our work.

Giulia joins Stripe Climate with a contribution of 1% or our transactions.
Stripe Climate is a growing coalition of ambitious companies and visionary individuals who contribute to the removal of carbon to avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change.