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Giulia CRM Fashion Webapp Booking Agenda

Booking agenda

Simplified and intuitive workflow, work faster, better, stronger, never more than 3 clicks to complete an action.

Marketing analytics

Get help from data and increase your earnings.
Designed to help you make the right decisions thanks to simple and clear data and a powerful indicator of the efficiency rate.

Social Media Calendar

Grow your audience
A better solution for your social networks.
Publish and schedule photos for your social networks directly from Giulia's social media calendar.

Giulia CRM Fashion Webapp Social Media Calendar

Internal chat

Communicate quickly and strengthen your network.
Allow colleagues, different departments and different agencies to interact and exchange documents in the integrated chat.

Giulia CRM Fashion Webapp Internal Chat

Public website

Save time and money.
Your site is already on the platform, integrated and customizable.

Giulia CRM Fashion Webapp Public Website

Priorities for casting events

Help your talents organize their day without having to call or summon them to the agency and save your time..
This function allows you to prioritize daily castings based on the commitments of the talent (and the map to get to the casting is integrated).


Send photos and videos from this section.
The easiest way to send your proposals to customers.

Giulia CRM Fashion Webapp Packages

Smart Usability

We have worked and continue to work to simplify the workflow on all devices and make it more palatable.
Find out how to download Giulia on your smartphone with 2 clicks.

Continue Innovation

Your satisfaction is what we care about.
We believe in innovation as a tool to continuously improve and simplify the customer experience and grow their business.

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